江苏省常州博华精密工具有限公司是整体硬质合金刀具、焊接成型刀具的专业制造厂家,生产的各种整体合金钻头、高精度球头刀具、铰刀、阶梯刀具、成型刀具广泛应用于航空、汽车、摩托车、发动机、空调压缩机及模具加工、IT、 制造等机械加工领域。


Jiangsu changzhou bower precision tool co.. LTD. Is a solid carbide cutting tools, welding forming tool of professional manufacturers, the production of various alloy bit, high precision ball head cutter, reamer, cutter, molding cutter ladder is widely used in aerospace, automotive, motorcycle, engine, air conditioning compressor and mould processing manufacturing, IT, such as mechanical processing field. Products choose high quality domestic, imported materials. First - class CNC tool grinder, high - precision tool, non . standard tool products, meet the needs of various customers, thank you for your cooperation.